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Web Based Case Management Tool

JuraLaw is a web based SaaS case management and legal calendaring product that does not require the installation of a database for operation. All that is required is a web browser. No other case management or legal calendar tool on the market can be accessed without at least one server.

Users arriving at JuraLaw, will find it intuitive and easy to use. A dashboard displays common tasks along with often run searches and reports. Case and event input forms require little, if any, use of the mouse control, making large quantities of data entry very quick. Tasks that take multiple clicks and many minutes in other case management tools, take merely seconds in JuraLaw.

Most importantly, the user can access JuraLaw 24/7 from any web browser and benefit from new updates, features and functions without the time consuming process of new software installation.

Case Management

JuraLaw® is case management and legal calendaring software that manages the entire lifecycle of the litigation process.

Calendar Event Management

JuraLaw® is legal calendaring software that tracks critical court dates and case events.

Docket Management

JuraLaw® is a docket management system that can provide complete histories of cases.

Court Calendars

JuraLaw delivers the most comprehensive and accurate Illinois and New York court calendars available.

Court Rules

JuraLaw offers up to date federal, state and local rules from across the nation.

Reporting & Searching

JuraLaw® increases efficiency by displaying a dashboard of most frequently run searches and customized reports.

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