Calendar Event Management

Risk-Averse Legal Calendar Software

JuraLaw is legal calendaring software that tracks critical court dates and case events. It focuses on the importance of managing court deadlines to avert risk and insure against professional liability.

           » JuraLaw reminds attorneys of critical court dates in advance of their scheduled court appearance thereby avoiding costly court dismissals for want of prosecution and re-filing fees.

           » JuraLaw is also able to send multiple reminders of important diary events and deadlines.

Reliable Court Calls and National Court Rules

JuraLaw provides high quality court calls and court rules coverage that law firms need to feel confident that they have calendared all applicable dates correctly.

           » Court calls undergo a stringent daily quality assurance process that requires JuraLaw personnel to recognize conflicting courtroom locations, dates and times then communicates with courthouse personnel to reconcile the information.

           » JuraLaw quickly and easily populates calendars with dates based upon court rules so that human calculation errors are minimized.

Micrsoft Outlook and Office 365 Integration 

JuraLaw's ability to connect directly to Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 is second to none.

           » JuraLaw sends diary events to both calendars in real time.

           » Diary events that are adjourned, continued, updated or deleted will automatically update in the attorney's Outlook or Office 365 calendar.


All JuraLaw calendar features work together to ensure that a law firm's risk management policies are firmly in place.