Document Management

JuraLaw® understands the natural need of docket management to link to documents. JuraLaw integrates with NetDocuments® cloud-based document management system. The integration enables JuraLaw users to associate documents stored in NetDocuments® to cases, dockets and diary events in JuraLaw®.  The integration works in real-time, so as new documents are added to NetDocuments®, users can  immediately link them to records in JuraLaw®.  The intuitive interface makes selecting and viewing documents directly within JuraLaw® quick and easy.   Since both JuraLaw® and NetDocuments® are cloud-based, users can access both programs anywhere and anytime from any web-enabled device.

Access to the documents through JuraLaw® is seamless and takes advantage of NetDocuments®' extensive enterprise search engine.  When users associate documents with diary events that appear in lawyers’ calendars, lawyers can click on the link in the diary event to quickly and easily view the associated document.   The efficiency advantages of the integration plus the convenience of the cloud is a winning combination which we are very pleased to be able to offer to our customers.

Founded in 1999, NetDocuments® web-based service has given law firms of all sizes the ability to reduce costs and increase security, mobility, and disaster recovery to documents and emails from anywhere and on any device. With fully redundant datacenters in the US and UK, NetDocuments® is used in over 1,000 law firms and financial services organizations. With anytime, anywhere access, firms are able to increase productivity and improve the client experience through a comprehensive cloud-based document management service. For more information about the company, go to