Reporting & Searching

A Robust Reporting Tool

JuraLaw has a long history of providing hundreds of reports tailored to each law firm's needs.

           » Available in a variety of export formats, reports can be easily scheduled, run and automatically distributed on an as-wanted basis.

Efficient Court Docket Search

JuraLaw was designed with the daily workflow of docket personnel in mind.

           » Quick global docket search feature enables personnel to quickly locate, view, add and edit information in the JuraLaw case management system.

           » Easy court docket search and retrieve application enhances the productivity of each data entry session.

           » Search results are provided in a grid format which allows for deep filtering of result sets, ordering of columns and selection of display fields.

           » Commonly used queries can be saved and easily referenced for repeat use.


With over 150 available reports and an exhaustive search feature, JuraLaw has what docket personnel want and need with a case management system.