Legal Software for Case, Calendar & Docket Management

Case, Calendar & Docket Management

NEW: JuraLaw now translates PACER ECF docket related deadlines into diary events.
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JuraLaw has recently released Madison County Illinois Court calls and the new JuraLawyer mobile application!

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Legal Software Product Benefits

Case Management

JuraLaw® is case management and legal calendaring software that manages the entire lifecycle of the litigation process.

Calendar Event Management

JuraLaw® is legal calendaring software that tracks critical court dates and case events.

Docket Management

JuraLaw® is a docket management system that can provide complete histories of cases.

Court Calendars

JuraLaw delivers the most comprehensive and accurate Illinois and New York court calendars available.

Court Rules

JuraLaw offers up to date federal, state and local rules from across the nation.

Reporting & Searching

JuraLaw® increases efficiency by displaying a dashboard of most frequently run searches and customized reports.


About JuraLaw®

JuraLaw, a Law Bulletin Media product, allows law firms to efficiently and cost-effectively manage cases and the calendars and dockets associated with them in a single legal software product. The web-based SaaS product offers a law practice management solution that not only manages cases, but also integrates critical law firm data with calendar events, court dockets, court calendars and court rules. This legal case management software protects against “dismissals for want of prosecution” and legal malpractice claims by keeping a firm’s lawyers on track for important deadlines and on time for court appearances. JuraLaw offers the most experienced and extensive support and the most comprehensive and secure technology available.